FINALLY. STAR WARS is here. Alongside best bud and science fiction aficionado Anthony Reed, SuperTangent takes a ride into the future of most revered sci-fi franchise in history. We focus on all that has happened after Star Wars Return of the Jedi, the annoyingly overly-sensitive fandom–and how we contribute–and in detail what worked and what didn’t work for The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo.


Anthony Reed is one of my oldest and closest friends. Connected in high school, but got one another through college.

He was the guy who would destroy everybody in Halo deathmatches. The guy the understands the backstory to every character involved with the Old Republic. The guy who’s conversations I’ve shared with have in large part inspired the existence of SuperTangent.

The truth is that I have yet to meet somebody who understands Star Wars more than he—as a service of personal memories, a franchise, and a cultural phenomenon.

When he’s not playing Final Fantasy XIV, or annihilating with his trombone, he’s shivering in his skivies, haunted by his inevitable destruction in Super Smash Bros. by me—as Kirby. Ask him ANY Star Wars question: he will answer it. And who knows, one day, he may just start his own podcast.

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